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 Humanistic Integrative Counsellor

I believe that each client is unique. As a therapist, I am able to offer you a flexible approach, whereby we can discover what works best for you, and build a relationship, within which we can explore your problems together. I offer a confidential, safe and quiet space in which we can begin to explore your thoughts, feelings and memories. Alternatively I also offer Walk and Talk Therapy, which allows you to explore your issues with the freedom of the outdoors and still maintaining your safety and confidentiality. (Outdoors areas can be agreed with me before the session)

Counselling can enable clients to explore patterns of behaviour, relationships, patterns of relating to others and past events which can assist in an increased self-awareness leading to feeling more in control of their lives and decisions made.

I am a registered, qualified and experienced counsellor with 7+ years of training/practicing. I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) which ensures that I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice. It ensures that I practice safely and ethically with every client. I regularly attend supervision to review my work and ensure that I continue to work safely.

I am a Humanistic Integrative counsellor which means I incorporate a number of theories (Gestalt, TA, Psychodynamic) which are best suited to each client enabling their therapeutic journey to achieve their desired outcome. My core is person-centred which means that I believe each client has the innate tendency to make the changes they desire, providing the core conditions are in place (Congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy).

I have been privileged enough to work with a number of clients from 4 years of age through to 90 years of age with a range of problems; and people from different backgrounds, cultures and sexualities.

I started my career working with adolescents, suffering with anxiety, depression and self-harm which also included those children who were deemed vulnerable and challenging within an agency setting.  This included working closely with social workers and schools, referring when required to specialised training.

I worked within schools in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, supporting children aged 5-16 as part of a Domestic Violence project, offering weekly sessions with a maximum of 6 sessions incorporating art therapy to assist within the therapeutic process.  I have counselled clients affected friends, family and loved ones killed in road traffic accidents within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  I was given extensive training in Bereavement and felt honoured to work alongside those who'd lost loved ones.


Alongside my Private Practice, I currently work as a Family Counsellor in a Special Needs school for children aged 11-18. I predominantly use art therapy to assist children in expressing, understanding and working with their emotions.  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name for a range of similar conditions, including Asperger syndrome, that affect a person's social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.  I work with Children, Adolescence & Adults on the spectrum or those affected within their family, friends and carers.  Sometimes it can feel that others "Don't understand" and it can feel isolating.  I can help you talk through the issues that this causes in a confidential and non-judgemental environment, exploring ways of dealing and working with ASD.


Individual Counselling sessions will be £45 for 50 minutes.
**Walk & Talk therapy available - £45 for 50 minutes**
Couples Counselling sessions will be £55 for 60 minutes.
Family Counselling sessions will be £60 for 60 minutes.

Low cost counselling is available for those on benefits at a sliding scale.  Please enquire for further information.


Embrace Life's Challenges


Relational Depth



The only reality I can possibly know is the world as I perceive it at this moment. The only reality you can possibly know is the world as you see it at this moment. And the only certainty is that those perceived realities are different. There are as many “real worlds” as there are people!

Carl Rogers


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